The Fox song parody – The Furr Finished and posted!!!!!

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After a long long wait and a lot of work and sore throats by yours truly HERE IT IS!!!

Again, if anyone would like to hear a song spoofed just give us the idea and the song and we’ll credit it to you in the video! Hope you enjoy!


Also: Special thanks to Sunrie for assisting with some of the lyrics and being a general ear for me when I was stuck.

Just as a heads up the NEXT song parody is going to be Frozen’s: Let it go… I’ll let you just Imagine up all the fun We’re going to have with that song.


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VLG Productions Parody projects

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VLG Productions has its hands in many a cookie jar with all of our fun projects.  One thing we have always done but haven’t really openly posted until now are the song parodies.

Well I’ve put together a you-tube channel doing just that. Popular music and anime theme’s combined with our dirty sense of humor that I like to call Merry Parodies These are songs that I’m personally singing to with lyrics re written (hence the name Parody)

I’ve already done songs like “Bad Bromance” (a parody of Lady Gaga’s bad romance), and “Gotta fuck ’em all” (A parody of the opening theme to Pokemon).  Well the newest one I’m working on is Ylvis’s “The Fox” and will be about Furries I figured that I would post a little of what I have so far.. Now mind you this may not be how the final version sounds like. I go through several takes of this stuff before I’m happy with it.


So with no more hesitation i present to you the demo of what will be the next Parody on Merry Parodies.


Click the following link to see.


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Toad’s Tower Tribulations update with images

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Well, here it is! The main part of the animation is finally finished, and all that is left to do is make a nice preloader and the credit sequence. Here’s a small taste of the 24 total skits:

Title Screen
The tasteful, and still non-nude, title screen!
That is definitely going to leave a mark.
One thousand strikes!
Kore zo, messatsu!
That's just peachy
Face down, booty up…timber!

Be expecting the final product soon over on Newgrounds!

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A VLG Productions update again…finally!

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It’s been a while since we updated, so here’s an update!

  1. Music
    Wyldfyre has a new version of Fruity Loops up and running, so he should start making that sexy, sexy music once again. It’s about time, too! In addition to that, even though it’s a little behind the ball, Wyldfyre is also working on a What Does the Fox Say parody making fun of furries.

  2. Scripts
    A first draft of the script for Game Ranger 5 (yes, you read that right) has been finished. Just like the idea for the episode, as of now, the script is an evolving creature and is subject to go under…a god awful amount of changes. It always does.

    Then there’s the Pervert Rangers: Episode 1 script in development as well. There are actually three episodes of Pervert Rangers as a live action already made floating around somewhere on VHS. There’s no actual sex in it, obviously, and is a handful of high school kids in the mid-nineties filming in a private residence, a backyard, and a street. I’m pretty sure it’s on the same VHS tape as a few immature Star Trek parodies as well with the same kids. The remake will be a total reboot of the series and more than likely sprite based.

  3. Animation
    Sorry, there isn’t a preview for it, but an animation called Toad’s Tower Tribulations is nearing completion. It’s a Castle Calamity style skit movie staring Toad trying to take down the castle. As always, there’s a nice little bonus item on the menu screen referencing previous Castle Calamity characters. Will Toad finally take down the castle? Watch and find out!

    Game Ranger 4 is still a problem child, but slowly getting finished. With only one person working on it, the task is daunting and burn out is high.

Well, there you go! There’s what’s been going on with VLG Productions and Sunrie Studios. Hopefully we’ll get the animations and music out soon.
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Rock, Paper, Pokemon finished and posted!

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It’s finally done! Rock, Paper, Pokemon has been finished and posted over at Newgrounds.

The animation has been very well received and the reviews are extremely positive. To view it for yourself, head over to the following link and enjoy!

Rock, Paper, Pokemon

Oh, and there’s a bonus scene no one seems to have found yet!

Rock, Paper, Pokemon update…with screens!

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Yes, it’s time once again for another animation update! Rock, Paper, Pokemon is nearing completion, so that means you get a few screen caps of the upcoming animated short.

Look at it. Love it. Lick it…but clean your screen first. You’ve probably sneezed on it a lot.

The “hero” on the left and the “villain” on the right.

Psyduck kicks ass, and you’re a fool if you think otherwise.

Custom view of the trainer…nothing good can come of tossing a pokerock at a beedrill…

There you have it! Should be released reasonably soon up over at!

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Rock, Paper, Pokemon in development

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Wyldfyre, Sunrie, and Sunrie’s wife (from here on called “Cuteness”, since that’ what he calls her) are working on a new animated short. Sunrie is once again working on the animation while doing voices, but you’ll also get to hear Cuteness’ voice, along with Wyldfyre adding his talents.

What’s it about? Well, what happens if you’re a wanna-be pokemon training, but can’t get a starter pokemon? Hope some nice person gives you a pokeball! Let’s just hope that pokeball isn’t a spray painted rock and the other guy isn’t using you as a source of entertainment.

When will it come out? When it’s done. Sunrie is working on making a few custom sprites for the animation, and doing some new animating techniques which take quite a bit of work to pull off…mostly because he’s never tried to do them before.

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